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In November of 2015 I traveled to Zambia to volunteer as a photo journalist for waterforzambia.org. This project seeks to provide safe drinking water for schools, starting initially in the district of Mansa within the province of Luapula. With the installation of a single borehole well and basic hand pump, enough water can be provided to supply 300 people on a daily basis. The communities impacted by the project are rural, often without electricity or running water and the majority of Zambians in this part of the country are subsistence farmers. My work is intended to help visualize the conditions of villages out in the country, as well as compounds in the city that are affected with this current issue. While in Zambia I was also able to work in the southern part of the country where help has not yet arrived and kids were walking around shoeless and dirty. The scarcity of water has led to many unfinished homes and other dwellings and what water can be found is used only for drinking and cooking.

Water for Zambia Project is part of the Month of Photography Show and on exhibition for the Shutter Relief creating social awareness through the lens at Dona Laurita Fine Art Gallery in Downtown Louisville from March trough April.

Water for Zambia Short Documentary